Prolearn for Administrators

Our solutions would provide administrators with efficient ways to manage their work. By using our software, they will be saving time, lessening paper use and storage areas usage.

For schools:

  • Head of departments would be able access and check teacher's weekly plans, monitor students' performance, compare performances Compare performances of different sections and/ or teachers, Communicate with teachers, and Submit reports to superiors.
  • Supervisors would Receive automatically absent records, Receive alert calls from classes for immediate intervention, be able to add notes for reason of absences or detentions, and to communicate with parents, teachers, students, and other administrators.
  • Principals would have general monitoring of school operations like performances of students, teachers, supervisors, and heads of departments. Principals communicate with all school staff, students, and parents.
  • Accountants will have access to accounting related materials such as Assigning fees, installments, and due dates, extra activities fees. They can communicate with parents about their children accounts status as well as sending reminders.

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