Welcome to the PROLEARN DIGITAL SOLUTION website. PLEASE READ THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE ACCESSING YOUR ACCOUNTS. These terms and condition is made in order for PROLEARN DIGITAL SOLUTION to establish a harmonious relationship with its clients. By entering the website andlogging in, you impliedly agree to the terms and conditions set forth below.


There are two ways to access PROLEARN DIGITAL SOLUTION website, it’s either by being a GUEST USER or a registered member.
First, As a GUEST USER, the site will require such individual to give his or her personal information, includingemail. By signing as a Guest user, such user is bound to abide the Terms and Conditions provided.Secondly, as a registered user, registration for this kind of account is made by THE ADMINISTRATOR. Anindividual is considered to possess a valid user account when he or she is duly registered by the administrator only.He or she is given an exclusive user name and password to be able to access the account.He or she is responsiblefor maintaining the confidentiality of his information and password and shall be responsible for all uses of registration,whether or not authorized by the user.It shall be its sole responsibility to notify PROLEARN DIGITAL SOLUTION of any unauthorized use of the account.On the other hand, the administrator has the right to add, remove, and edit any of the individual accounts that fallunder its accounts even without PROLEARN Digital Solutions consent. In addition, it has the right to authorize supervisors accounts to have access to the subordinates account’s information provi ded that upon such engagementthe students or the subordinates gives prior consent.Registered student are expected to use their accounts properly in accordance with the PROLEARN mission andvision. Account user accounts shall not engage in any activity that will destroy in any way do damage to the software. A user engaging in any illegal activity or inappropriate actions shall be in a violation of the terms and conditions andmay result in automatic closure of its account. Such illegal activity may include but not limited to:  Using the website that is contrary to law, morals and good custom.  Using another’s account without the owner’s permission  Using the website in any way that could damage, disable, overburden, or impair any Prolearn Digital Solutions’ server.


Being a registered user, PROLEARN grants the user a personal and nonexclusive right to use the servicesin the website. A registered member is allowed to surf, view, send suggestion and comments to the website. Inaddition, he or she has the right to ask help regarding any problem related to PROLEARN services. PROLEARNdigital solution customer service is ready to assist 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


PROLEARN DIGITAL SOLUTION shall not be responsible to other website links availability. It is neither liable nor responsible to whatever the contents of such websites. The users agree and release PROLEARN DIGITALSOLUTION of any liability if damage or loss would result due to such links. In addition, PROLEARN DIGITAL cannot be held liable even if the user accessed the other links by using PROLEARN’s website.


PROLEARN DIGITAL SOLUTION does not warrant that the materials in the website shall be uninterruptedor error free or that the website is free from any viruses. In connection with it, PROLEARN DIGITAL SOLUTION is inno way liable for any damages that may result by the use of the website.


Any loss or damage due to the misuse of the website, the user hereby agrees to indemnify PROLEARNDIGITAL SOLUTION.


These terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement between you and PROLEARN DIGITALSOLUTION with respect to the Services contained herein. You further agree that the terms and conditions hereinsupersede any and all prior or contemporaneous oral and written agreement concerning these Services. You alsoagree that these terms and conditions are separate from terms or conditions that may apply to other services.


Any disputes and complaints arising out of the terms and conditions shall be settled by PROLEARNSDIGITAL SOLUTION internal dispute committee. If such dispute is unresolved, the provider agrees to resort UAE courts.


In implementing the Terms and conditions, the intention of the parties should be given more importance. Anyprovision in the terms and conditions found to be invalid by the courts shall not affect previous actions arising fromsuch provision and in no way will it affect other provisions. In addition, failure of PROLEARN DIGITAL SOLUTION toexercise any right or provision shall not be considered as a waiver of such right or provision.


All materials in the website is own exclusively by PROLEARN DIGITAL SOLUTION. No part of the site shallbe reproduced, or utilize in any form or by any means without the written consent of PROLEARN DIGITALSOLUTION. In addition PROLEARN DIGITAL SOLUTION reserves the right to update the information contained inthis Web site or make improvements and/or changes in the products and/or services described in this Web site, atany time without notice.


PROLEARNS DIGITAL SOLUTION reserves the right to amend or change in whole or in part of the termand conditions any time by posting the changes in the website. The use of the website after the posting of thechanges is considered as an implied acceptance of the amended terms and conditions.

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